How To: Curl your hair in less than 10 minutes

Curl your hair in less than 10 minutes

When a person curls their hair they can do tight curls, big curls or loose bouncy curls. You must be very careful when using a curling iron. Not only can you burn yourself you can also burn your hair. It is best to spray the hair with some type of mist before using a hot curling iron. You are going to curl the bottom layers of hair first. The remaining hair will have to be sectioned. The video shows a flat iron being used. This is so the curls will be loose. Hold the flat iron at an angle and curl the hair around it. For the higher sections of hair you want to flip backward and pull downward. Flip and pull downwards for the curl. Finish curling all of your hair. When you are done, if you see straight places curl them. You might want to add Pureology Nano Wax to make and keep you hair bouncy. A dot about the size of a dime is plenty. Rub between hands and toss hair with the wax. All done! Shake your hair and see how nice the loose, bouncy curls look.

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