How to Curl your hair the eco-friendly way with scraps of fabric

Curling your hair without either a curling iron or a flat iron? It sounds preposterous, but it can be done - and to great effect - after you watch this video. Sure, curling irons are great and quick ways to add bounce and volume to your locks, but they eat up electricity and damage your beautiful strands.

To curl your hair without any heat at all, all you need is rags and rollers.

This is an old fashioned way of curling your hair. Back in the day they didn't have hair dryers or curling irons, so the women curled their hair using rags and rollers.

This method is not only healthy for your hair because you're not using heat, but also because you're using less energy and using reusable materials to curl your hair. Don't throw your rags away, you can keep them. Wash and dry and reuse them!

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