How To: Get the Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus hair curls

Get the Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus hair curls

Getting curls, like that of the stars, is a simple and easy task. For this task you will need a one inch curling iron, and your own hair. Grab some of your hair and hold it at the tip of your hair. Instead of using the clamp to curl it. your going to wrap your hair around the curling iron. Keep wrapping from the scalp all the way around to almost the end of the hair, you want to leave a little bit of hair for the hanging . Hold it there for a minute, a little longer may be better. When your done your minute, your going to gently slide the curling iron out of the hair. Next you need to take your fingers, and run your finger gently through that hair, just a couple times. Spray some hair spray if you wish, it is advised.

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