How To: Style easy loose curls

Style easy loose curls

Using some heat protecting spray, a large-barreled curling iron, and a hair clip, you should be able to make easy loose curls very simply. If your hair does not usually hold curls well, you can perhaps just shampoo your hair and not condition it. Using this technique, we are shown how to make large, loose curls, especially more towards the ends of your hair by curling the iron carefully around your hair from the outside going in, using a smaller iron if you have shorter hair. This technique will provide an easy style guide for anyone who has a curling iron and would like to give themselves nice, loose curls.

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Terrible. If anyone try's this so called "technique" of curling their hair, they will soon find out that your damaging your hair tremendously by keeping the curls on the iron that long instead of curling the hair all at once on the iorn. Secondly, I'd like to point out that she missed most of her hair due to the fact of poor quality in curling hair. If you know what your doing cool! But if your going to look dumb cause only this way of curling your hair will work for ONLY you and just you, don't post it on here for girls looking for help, not pointless tips that is only going to confuse them more. I hope that before you watch this you read this comment and look a little longer for a way better video with better and easier ways to help.

Thank you

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