How To: Spike your hair like Sum 41

Spike your hair like Sum 41

If you want to spike you hair like Sum 41. You should get some Got 2 B hair gel. First, you need to make sure your hair is dry before you sure you use the gel. Next, put a handful of the gel in your hands and slick the gel through your hair. Make sure you spread the gel around. Move your hands up through the back so it gives it a spike from the back. It does not take much to spike it. Just take your finger tips and pick at your hair into spikes. If you want big individual spikes, take a section, and twist it at the end. If it's heavy and wants to fall down, let it dry a little and then continue to spike it. Let this dry out and you will have your spiked out look. You can also take a blow dryer to your hair to make it dry so it does not fall over. Hang your head upside down so they don't fall to the side when blowdrying. This should not take lots of time!

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