How To: Style short hair with cute curls

Style short hair with cute curls

In this video, Stacy demonstrates how to get a curly hair style on short African-American ethnic hair. The results are beautiful, though it doesn't take long to do and requires only a few products. She has already relaxed her hair prior to recording, so her hair is straight and ready for styling. Stacy recommends using a wrap lotion designed for ethnic hair to help hold the style, such as Styling Finish Silky Hair Foam. After applying wrap lotion, separate small sections of hair using a rattail (or teasing) comb with a long tail. Once the desired section of hair is separated, curl using a slim straightening iron (1" wide or less). Repeat process with different sections of hair until desired look is achieved. For front hair pieces which are not being curled, Stacy finishes the look with a pomade to hold hair in place.

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