How To: Spike your mohawk, super high and sturdy using soap

Spike your mohawk, super high and sturdy using soap

This video explains how to spike a mohawk super high using bar soap. The things you will need in order to do this are... soap, hair glue, hairspray, a hairdryer, a hand-held mirror, and a pick/comb.

First... let soap soak in water for a few hours before you will be using it. This makes the soap become "gel-like". Once soaking process is complete, drain water from soap and let soap dry. Rub soap between hands so that it can be applied to your hair, then apply to hair in an upward motion to get the desired shape of a mohawk. Apply soap to hair until all hair is being shaped with the soap. The more hair you have, the more soap you will need. The next step is you apply the hair glue, do not use a lot! Apply the glue in the same manner as the soap. After the glue is applied, it is time to dry the hair with the hairdryer. When hair feels hard, the dryer process is complete. Once dry, it is time to comb through the mohawk. Comb in an upward motion and run hands up on both sides to make sure the shape of the hair stays in place. The last step is to add a maximum hold hair spray. Apply only a light coat at first, and a heavier coat can be added about an hour later.

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Hey really good job and great video!
I also made a tutorial

It's another great way to spike a mohawk but with using products you can buy at a store! And you can do both liberty spikes or a regular Fan spike

Hopefully this also helps people looking for an alternative method!

Super high? Where? Pretty sure 4-5 inch mohawk isn't super high.

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