How To: Create a party hairstyle for long hair in 5 minutes

Create a party hairstyle for long hair in 5 minutes

My Fat Rocket Hairstyling ideas demonstrates this party hairstyle for long hair. Divide the hair into a few section before beginning. Pull a curling iron through the hair strand in a downward twisting motion. Move the curler through the hair slowly so the hair curls up at the ends. Using the right motion, a hair straightener can also be used to create the curls. Some strands of hair may need to be processed more than once. Use hairspray to secure the look. For a more sophisticated look, after finishing the curls, create a bump at the crown of the hair. Pull the section up and back comb it. Use one or more layer to create a bump of the desired style. Hairspray the bump and then gently smooth the top layer of hair back over the bump. Use black hair pins to secure it. The curled hair can also be twisted into a loose bun and secured with bobby pins for another alternative.

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