How To: Give yourself a messy bedhead hair look for short hair

Give yourself a messy bedhead hair look for short hair

The Messy "Bed Head" Hairdo

Equipment you will need:

• Flatiron
• Heat protecting spray
• Curl Boosting Spray.
• Separating clips.

Use the separating clips to section hair in rows around the head in three tiers, a bottom layer, a middle section starting around the temple and one more section between the temple area and the crown of the head. Section off all the hair of the crown.

Start with the bottom layer. Remove a clip and take a small section of hair and curl under near the scalp. Skip the middle portion of the lock of hair and then curl the last couple inches. This creates a "kink" in the hair close to the head, a straight section then a curled under bottom part. Continue all around the head, curling all of the hair in the back of your head where you cannot see well enough to curl just sections.
Next, follow the same procedure to create irregular curls in the middle of the head, and then the top layer.
If you don't feel you are curling enough of the end of each lock, feel free to curl an extra length but always leave some hair uncurled in each lock.
Finally, remove the clip from the hair on the crown of the head. Then take small sections of hair and curl under using the hot iron in the same pattern: Create a kink close to the scalp and then a curly section near the end of the strands of hair. Vary the location of the kink a bit to create a fuller look and create the messy but organized look desired.
Next, spray some curl booster and then at the end hair spray on your hands and apply to the hair by running fingers through your hair. This will mingle the different kinks and curls. Use a lifting motion as you run your fingers through your hair to add hair volume. Before the spray and booster dry be sure to rearrange any curls that are sticking out in a strange pattern. You now have the sexy look of having just rolled out of bed.
This styling technique also works for longer hair.

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