How To: Cut your own bangs the right way

Cut your own bangs the right way

Have you ever wanted to save yourself some money and trim your own bangs? The results, if not done properly, can be a disaster of monstrous proportions. Then you'll actually need the trip to the hair salon. DailyCandy can help you with this video from their Easy Does It series on how to cut your own bangs, the right way.

Your last DIY attempt resulted in a hole (okay, tunnel) from the bathroom to the bedroom and a local shortage on caulk.

But before you vow to never try anything by yourself again, check out the DailyCandy series of how-to videos aptly entitled Easy Does It.

First up: Hairstylist Julie Dickson, owner of Fox & Boy salon in NYC, shows us how to trim our own bangs. We know, we know, taking scissors to your mane seems pretty cray cray, but we promise it's easier than it seems, not to mention recession friendly.

As an added bonus, Dickson shows us the perfect way to tame our post-ocean coif in a looks-like-a-professional-did-it kind of way.

So prepare to be called a liar.

Cut your own bangs the right way

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