How To: Cut your own hair high and tight

Cut your own hair high and tight

In this video, we learn how to cut your own hair high and tight. Make sure you don't miss any spots by your ears, and make sure the sides are cut evenly. If you have bangs in the front, cut from the back to the front using a shaver. If you want to get rid of your bangs, cut from the front to the back. When you're done, feel the back and make sure it feels completely even. On the razor, there's an adjustment lever, so you can use this to make different feel from the bottom to the top of your head. When finished, check to make sure your hair is even, then you're done!

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I have been cutting my own hair for 5 years now, doing the exact same technique that you use. First few times I caught hell too, now its like second nature, and money saved. However, your video did provide some insight on how to fade bangs, something I have been trying to perfect, so thanks.

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