How To: Style a liberty spike mohawk

Style a liberty spike mohawk

How to make a liberty spike mohawk. Gather glue, freeze spray, a blow dryer, a brush, and some rubber bands. Brush hair until it is nice and fluffy. Take rubber band and perform spikes around your entire head. After setting your hair up in the spikes use the freeze spray to spray your hair completely. Inside and outside of the spikes. To ensure proper coating run your fingers through your hair especially at the base to make sure they stay up. With blow-drying blow-dry your hair while pulling at each individual spike to ensure straightness. Pull just hard enough to raise your scalp. To ensure that the tips stay well use a little glue. Then go through each individual spike again with the hairspray in your hands and blow-dry again. Should take about forty-five minutes once you get the hang of it.

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