How To: Get side swept bangs

Get side swept bangs

Your quick and easy guide to styling side swept bangs within 2 minutes. After blow drying your hair, take a round brush and roll your bangs up, under and to the side that you want your bangs to sit. Comb your bangs down over your forehead, then comb your bangs to the side. Using some styling product, such as molding gunk, paste or wax, take a small amount of product and rub between your hands to ensure even distribution. Using your fingers, work the product through your bangs, starting at the middle of your bangs, working up to the roots and ensure you work the product to the ends to prevent frizzy ends. Use your fingers to comb your bangs in the direction that you want your bangs to sit. Comb your bangs down over your forehead with your brush. Hold your bangs in place with one hand while you gently brush the ends of your bangs to the side. To ensure your style stays in place, spray with hairspray. You can also use a bobby pin to hold your bangs in place, then cover it with your side hair. Tease or mess up the rest of your hair up Try this extremely fast method of styling your hair. Perfect for medium to long hair with bangs.

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