How To: Cut and style specifically for long hair

Cut and style specifically for long hair

Beauty schools Directory presents how to cut and take weight out of long hair. Video also demonstrates two style options to hair. In the video we have Jenny with long hair whose hair is being cut.

First the hair is separated into four sections and a zero degree cut is done across the bottom, taking off 3 inches. This it is gone straight across the bottom. After having the hair at the length desire, two vertical partings taken and hair is cut at a 90 degree angle, following the shape of the head. This will add movement and texture to the hair. Next the sides of the hair are cut at zero degree angles to match the back and then proceed with the 90 degree angle again. In order to make the hair more manageable point cut hair to texture with a razor.

For a sleek style a flat ironer hair is used next. Jenny is shown with a sleek modern look. For the second style a Marcel iron is used. Hair is being wrapped to the iron in small sections. To use a touch of hair spray before curling is suggested. Jenny is shown with now with curly hair and she look gorgeous.

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