How To: Style Apostolic/Pentecostal haistyles for long hair

Style Apostolic/Pentecostal haistyles for long hair

To create an apostolic or pentecostal hairstyle, start with a poof in the front of the hair. It can be ratted behind for stability. Use two bobby pins to secure the back corner of the poof. Squirt the hair with hairspray before moving on. Then create a low ponytail in the back of the hair, pulling the top up and out slightly while forming the ponytail so it creates another poof in the back of the head. Spray the ponytail with hairspray then smooth out the hair on the top of the ponytail. Wrap the ponytail around all four fingers until any remaining hair in the ponytail can be wrapped under. Push a long clam style metal clip into each side to secure the hair, then pull hair up around to cover the clips. Use bobby pins as needed to cover the clips. Hairspray the entire style to keep it set.

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This is wonderfully!! I love it I also want to do like this what she show to me :) Sandy

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