How To: Style long hair into a Victorian era updo

Style long hair into a Victorian era updo

Torrin creates a Victorian up-do with long hair. The style can be done with hair that is at least just past the shoulders in length. Make a ponytail at the base of the neck. Slide the band down a bit and poke fingers through the middle of the ponytail to split the hair. Then pull the ponytail through the split from top to bottom. Separate the ponytail into three sections and make three English braids. Attach the three braids together with one rubber band, leaving several inches of hair left out for finishing. Pull the ends of the hair back through the split in the hair so that the ends are sticking up and the braids are in loops covering the neck. Wrap the loose ends around the rubber band to cover it. Use bobby pins to secure the loose hair ends.

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And I thought my hair was long. My hair is in layers so I don't know if this will work without falling out all over the place. hmm

Finally someone demonstrates a vintage hairdo I can actually do. Thank you for sharing. My hair is almost exactly like this (except for the bangs). Looking forward to trying it out.

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