How To: Do a long layered hair cut step by step

Do a long layered hair cut step by step

This video illustrate how to do long layered hair cut step by step. Here are the following steps:Step 1: First of all clean your hair and then take all your hair and hold them through a clip.Step 2: Now release a inch of your hair from the lower bottom and cut it.step 3: Now release the upper inch layer and cut it slightly above the lower most layer.Step 4: Similarly take the next layers and cut them so that each layer has sharp cutting and is differentiated easily.Step 5: Release hair on the crown and part it from the center and now take one half and cut it straight to have an even look.Step 6: Now similarly take another half and cut it in equal length as the first half.step 7: Now comb your hair and press them straight.that's it

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I so wish that you were in my area=I'd be going to you, darlin'! Good work on teaching me step by step! My daughter-who saves money by going to me, to cut her hair-will be very proud I saw this video, as well. Thank you! - Chris

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