How To: Cut your man's hair

Cut your man's hair

Haircuts can cut a chunk out of any family's budget. Learning to cut your man's hair will save you hundreds! Check out this Howcast video tutorial on how to cut your man's hair.

You Will Need

* A barber's cape, bed sheet, or a towel
* A fine-toothed comb
* Electric clippers
* A spray bottle
* Haircutting scissors
* A mirror
* A brave man
* Styling product

Step 1. Cover your man and comb his hair
Step 2. Choose a clipper attachment
Step 3. Start clipping
Step 4. Dampen hair
Step 5. Trim the top
Step 6. Trim his bangs
Step 7. Blend scissor cut with clipper cut
Step 8. Trim his neck and sideburns
Step 9. Show him what you've done

Tip: When cutting a new section of hair, always take part of the just-cut section between your fingers so you can use it as a length guide.

Fact: Tran Van Hay, a Vietnamese man in his seventies, has hair over 20 feet long!

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