How To: Style a Festive Evening Ponytail

Style a Festive Evening Ponytail

Get out of your everyday ponytail rut and try something new. Here our hair expert shows you how to do a sleek, chic ponytail that is perfect for a night out.

Step 1 Texture

Use hairspray to ass some texture to your hair so it is easier to work with.

Example: Fekkai Sheer Hold Hair Spray

Step 2 Pin curls

Put some pin curls in to create even more texture in your hair.

Step 3 Unpin curls

Unpin the curls and brush.

Step 4 Ponytail

Pull the lower sections of your hair into a ponytail with a flat brush and secure with a bungee or tie.

Example: Fekkai Classic Brush

Step 5 Smooth

Smooth hair back with your fingers and a little hairspray to control flyaways and give it some extra shine and sleekness.

Step 6 Tease

Gently tease the top sections of your hair for a small lift.

Step 7 Secure

Secure the teased top section over the ponytail with pins that match your hair color. 

Step 8 Volume

Use a tail comb (or chopsticks) to gently pull up the hair on your crown for added volume.

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