How To: Create a humidity-proof rainy day bun

Create a humidity-proof rainy day bun

You know how sometimes you'll wake up in the morning gunning for a fabulous hairstyle, then spend an hour curling your strands to perfection only to find that when you step outside it's raining? Rain literally rains on your hair parade because it brings lots of frizz-causing humidity and wetness.

So make sure your next style is humidity and rain proof by creating this low bun.

This rainy day style is a great option if you might get caught in some sprinkles throughout the day. Plus it's quick, and doesn't require heat styling! For added defense against the elements- tease the front pouf slightly- it will be less likely to "deflate".

-leave hair in a ponytail
-secure hair into a tighter bun
-curl or tease hair for a bigger bun
-braid ponytail & twist into bun
-pull hair to a center ponytail, not side
-add a flower
-use bobbi pins or a smaller clip

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