How To: Style a vertical roll Apostolic/Pentecostal hairdo

Style a vertical roll Apostolic/Pentecostal hairdo

Abigail Goss demonstrates a traditional Apostolic hairstyle, the vertical roll with pin curls. She starts by creating a poof, back combing the roots from the crown to the forehead. Then she creates a section of hair above the ears. She rolls this hair several times in one direction and then puts all of the hair into a ponytail at the base of the neck. At this point the style looks like a french twist with a ponytail at the bottom. She then coats the hair with gel. To make the curls, she takes a section from the ponytail of about an inch and loops it around two fingers, securing it to the french roll section with bobby pins. She continues this with all the hair from the ponytail. Secure the style with plenty of hairspray.

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