How To: Create the perfect ponytail easily

Create the perfect ponytail easily

Use three tools to create a simple ponytail. Use a hairbrush, a bobby pin, and a bungee band holder for this look. Using a bungee band instead of a standard ponytail holder eliminates some of the issues typically caused by pulling hair through ponytail holders. Start by using a bristled brush to brush the hair to one location on the head. Secure one hook of the bungee band in the ponytail and wrap the tail around the rest of the hair. Wrap it around again, and secure the other bungee band hook to the ponytail when tight. After securing with the band, take one strand of the ponytail, spray it with hairspray and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, the part held by the bungee band. Secure the end of this strand of hair with the bobby pin to cover the bungee band.

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