How To: Create a classic updo hair style

Create a classic updo hair style

Add instant elegance to your look by pulling your hair into a classic updo.

You Will Need:

* Unwashed, ponytail-length hair
* A comb
* A teasing comb
* An elastic band
* Bobby pins
* Hot or Velcro rollers, or a curling iron (optional)
* A bristle brush (optional)
* Decorative pins, flowers, or ribbons (optional)

Step 1: Comb hair
Comb your hair to remove any knots. Remember that hair is easier to work with if it's not freshly washed.
*Tip: Create fat curls with hot rollers, Velcro rollers, or a curling iron if you want more volume.

Step 2: Tease your front hair
Grab a one-inch-thick section of hair from the front of the head. Back comb it, and flip it forward.

Step 3: Continue in sections
Grab a one-inch section of hair right behind the first section, back comb that, and flip it forward. Continue until you reach the crown of the head.

Step 4: Tie a high ponytail
Gather all the hair into a ponytail at the top of your head, just behind the crown, and secure it with an elastic band.
*Tip: For a sleeker do, use a bristle brush to sweep the hair on the sides back tightly into the ponytail.

Step 5: Pin the pieces
Take a one-inch piece of hair from the ponytail, bending it underneath to make a loop, and pinning the end of the loop at the elastic band. Repeat until all the pieces are shaped 360 degrees around the band.

Step 6: Dress it up
Add decorative pins, flowers, or ribbons around the hair or on the sides of the head if you like.

Step 7: Frame the face
Pull a few front pieces loose to frame the face.

*Fact: The average woman spends 43 minutes a day thinking about her hair.

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