How To: Twist flip your long ponytail

Twist flip your long ponytail

Makeoversession demonstrates how to twist flip your long pony tail. A variety of hair styles reflects personality. Long hair hanging loosely around your face is one style, but it detracts from your accessories such as your earrings. To create a long flip ponytail start by brushing your hair out. The first suggestion is to brush the sides of your hair into a ponytail, leaving the back hair long beneath the tail. Wrap a hair band to hold the ponytail. From beneath the ponytail, create a hole in the center of the hair above the hair band. Pull the ponytail up through the hole and smooth. A second suggestion is to create a ponytail from all the hair, sides and back. Then create the hole and pull the pony tail through. A final suggestion is to then bring the pony tail up to the center of the hair to create a loose bun effect. The whole procedure of creating a flip pony tail is quick and simple.

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