How To: Do a Snow White inspired hairstyle

Do a Snow White inspired hairstyle

Cocorais wants to show you how to do a short hairstyle inspired by Disney's Snow White. You'll need: heat-protecting spray, curl-boosting spray, a flat-iron, a rag-tail comb, hairspray, and sectioning clips. Turn on your iron and apply your heat-protecting spray. Section off your hair using the clips and iron it (section by sections) flipping it inwards at the end. The thinner the sections, the more scattered it will look. Varying degrees of thickness of the sections and randomness will also contribute to the messy look also. You can curl the ends more than once if needed to make it curlier (first time, begin curling inwards an inch from the ends; the second time, curl it two inches from the ends). While the hair is still warm, manipulate it so it'll make a loop. It's best to not curl your bangs so it doesn't look awkward. When you're done, check your hair to make sure you didn't miss any sections/ none of them uncurled. If you want to pomp up your hair even more, curl your hair even more (starting farther from the ends) so it builds volume. Hold the curls with hairspray without touching the loops with your hands so they won't mess up. When you're satisfied, you can put on a headband for a finishing touch! If you follow cocorais's step-by-step video tutorial using her own hair as an example, you can achieve a nostalgic 30's and Snow White look perfect for short hair (or long) on many occasions!

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