How To: Turn your hair platinum blond

Turn your hair platinum blond

Thinking about going platinum blonde? There are many precautions and notes that should be taken before making the leap. In this video, learn how to take your hair from its natural state to platinum white blond safely with the help of product. Read the videomaker's notes below.

Products needed:
- Goldwell Oxycur Lightener and 30 Vol. Topchic Developer: Mix one scoop of lightener and 30ml developer. Leave on for 30 minutes up to 45 minutes max. If you're going platinum, you would need to bleach 3 times all together and then apply a purple based toner.

This product 'foams' during the developing time, so don't just "paint" it on. Use your hands to work the bleach in. Make sure you apply just enough so it doesn't get dry before the 30-45 minutes, it'll really damage your hair! *DO NOT USE HEAT WITH THESE PRODUCTS!

ALSO make sure to buy the measuring bowl so you can measure out the developer correctly!

You can buy these three products from Hello Gorgeous.

Additional products can be found online, or in most drug department stores.

- Hot Oil
- Dumb Blonde Reconstructor
- Silver Expressions shampoo & conditioner
- Fanci Full Ultra White Minx toner (temporary- washes out in one shampoo)
- Igora Gloss Iceflower toner (fades after about 10 washes)

It will take awhile before your hair is manageable again. Be patient and very gentle with your hair! Don't blow-dry. If you do, make sure you use the setting where it's cool air, not hot. Don't shampoo for the FIRST week- just use conditioner, hot oil, and the reconstructor.

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