How To: Apply blond highlights at home

Apply blond highlights at home

This video shows you how to easily and properly highlight dark hair with blond highlights at home! First, you need to have your choice of store bought highlights (try Renew highlights!). First, put the gloves on that are provided in the highlighting kit. Get scissors and cut the powder and empty this in the tray. Now add this with the mix given. Stir these together with the applicator brush. Grab a towel, wrap it around yourself to protect your clothes. Select the hair that you wish to highlight, start with a thin strand near your face. Apply the highlight mixture evenly and thoroughly to the strand. Next, choose another piece on the other side and repeat the steps. Make sure you smooth the mixture over the strand to ensure the highlights cover the entire strand. Repeat this step until all areas of your choice are highlighted properly. Alternate from left to right, and go all the way around to the back of your hair with this process. In 15 - 30 minutes, check your color, but if you need more time, keep the color on your hair for 15 more minutes. Rinse the highlights out and use the after care conditioner given. You now can easily highlight your hair at home!

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