How To: Bleach your hair white blonde

Bleach your hair white blonde

They say blondes have more fun, so why not go as blonde as possible? In this tutorial, learn how to use bleach to create a white blonde look, no matter what color your original hair is. If you are ready for this dramatic change, this tutorial is here to show you how to use the bleach, step by step, so that you safely dye your hair without burning yourself or ruining your locks. This process will strip all of the color from your tresses, so make sure you are ready for it before you start.

Note: Make sure you bleach the ends of your hair FIRST, because the roots will bleach much faster than the ends.
A good idea is to put a plastic cap over your head to help the bleach process faster, and help with the smell. You can use a plastic shopping bag for this, if need be.

Important!: You should wait at least six weeks before you redo your roots, for your scalp to recover completely.

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