How To: Insert sparkly hair tinsel hair extensions

Insert sparkly hair tinsel hair extensions

Since the famously bootylicious Beyonce wore blingy, opalescent tinsel in her hair for the 2010 Grammy Awards, tinsel hair has become a cheeky sweet trend in Hollywood fashion.

Get in on the trend by learning how to insert tinsel strands on your own. Check out this video tutorial for the details.

Want to make your hair sparkle? In this Bella How To, we show you how to apply hair tinsel to your strands--a fun, festive look that's been seen on celebrities like Beyonce on the red carpet. Just grab a buddy, the hair tinsel strips and take turns blinging out each other's hair.

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Applying like this means that when you brush your hair it will be yanked straight out ! To apply correctly it must be on one strand of hair only.

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