How To: Dye your hair at home for blondes

Dye your hair at home for blondes

In this tutorial, we learn how to dye your hair at home for blondes. First, purchase a couple boxes of hair dye that are the right colors for your hair. After you do this, take all of the products out of the boxes. Now, pour the small bottle into the large container and put the rubber gloves on. You don't need to use both containers, you can just use one if your hair isn't that thick. Snip the top off the container, then start to shake up the container until it's well mixed together. Now, start to apply the color to your roots first, then apply it to the rest of your hair that you need to color. Let this sit in your hair for around 20 minutes, then wash off in the shower. Make sure to use the conditioner that comes with it and rinse the hair until the water runs clear. When finished, dry and style your hair as normal and you're finished.

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