How To: Get instant color highlights with hair extensions

Get instant color highlights with hair extensions

Hairtalk TV demonstrates how to instantly get color highlights with hair extensions. Put On Pieces offers Clip In Color which is a very thin, nine inch wide, sixteen inches long weft of hair that clips into your hair to give you highlights, low lights or bright, fun colors. The weft contains three pressure sensitive clips which slide into your own hair without causing damage. Unlike permanent coloring, Clip in Color causes no damage to your hair, does not fade over time and provides the versatility to change your hair color as often as you would like. Clip in Color comes in eleven salon inspired shades and six fun colors. Apply the weft by sectioning off a piece of hair by the crown. Make sure the clips are open and, staring in the middle, attach the weft to the hair. Release the sectioned hair for the desired effect.

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