How To: Add highlights to your hair without using bleach

Add highlights to your hair without using bleach

This works well for short hair. First of all you need to have artificial hair extensions of golden color or any other color of your choice. You also need a glue gun and hair clips to hold these extensions to your real hair. You can choose to fix these extensions on the left side of your head, just below the hair. Lift your hair at the left sides, add some glue using the glue gun and place the extension. Now add clips to fix it on your hair. Carefully conceal it below your real hair. Take care that the clips are tightly fixed. Now comb with your fingers to mix a little of these golden locks with your real hair which shall appear that you have dyed you hair golden without actually dyeing it. On the right die of the hair you can fix a bow for giving a beautiful hair look. That's it.

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