How To: Create your own instant headband style

Create your own instant headband style

To create almost any headband look, start by using a real human hair headband with extensions. Mostly, the extensions will come with an interchangeable headband for different colors. Now, start by pinning back the front crown area of your hair, if you have bangs you can leave them out of the hair that you are pinning back. Secure the crown of your hair with bobby pins. The headband with extensions should have three little combs. These will help secure the extension and the headband onto your hair. Now, hold the headband with the two side combs one in each hand and place the headband on your head. Move the headband until the combs have attached to your hair and use your index fingers to attach the middle comb to your hair. Now you can move the headband and place it where ever you would like it on your head. This now adds instant volume to your hair. If you like a bigger hair look you can move your fingers under the headband by the crown area and there should be some wiring that you can push up. This will give you a bouffant retro style type look. If you do not like the headband look or if the headband gives your headaches, you can remove the hair extension from the headband. It is attached with Velcro, so simple remove the hair extensions from the headband and now you can use just the hair extensions. You attach the extensions in the same manner listed above with the two side combs and the one on top of the crown area. Now you can use any type of scarf or cloth to tie around your head concealing the hair extension band. This will give you an easy no fuss hair styles that will match anything you are wearing.

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