How To: Make your own colorful clip in hair extensions

Make your own colorful clip in hair extensions

Spice up your hair without dying your locks. In this tutorial, learn how to make your own colorful clip in hair extensions and go from plain to punky in just a few minutes. So, spend your evenings as a spicey Scene girl and your days as a dainty office temp with these cool extensions.

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love it, you rock!

I like your makeup. I'm sure its MAC shadow but what are the names of the colors?

I have been trying to find hair extensions that have the mini small claw clip but I can't find it anywhere like for a little girl that just wants to add a curl to a half hair ponytail. Or to add to the side of head above the ear. I have a neighbor who wants this but the ones I found are bright colors like neon pink and such. I need something like this but with regular color hair like dark brown and on a mini claw clip. I also want to get one made for ethnic hair. Like kinky (not saying all ethnic is kinky but that's how the African American hair was labeled on eBay on hair extensions). How has nobody made these in the world yet?!! Or am I just not finding it? Maybe I should just make myself but I need a tutorial on this. So again, small mini claw clip with African American hair on it but only like the size of the one in this video like 1 inch in width? If you need to ask me any questions please email me please put hair extensions in subject so I know its not junk mail. Please someone help me! Thanks in advance and God Bless!

Lindsey Wagner
PS I googled for hours so pretty sure they don't make but could be wrong.

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