How To: Properly put in hair extensions

Properly put in hair extensions

When putting in your hair extensions you will need to take into account that there are eight pieces four large ones and four small ones, you can use all of them or a couple depending on what you want. The first thing you will want to do is with your two index fingers is move them right above yours ears to the back of the head and grab the top potion of your hair in a part or ponytail. Use a clip or tie to keep this out of the way. The hair extensions have clips on them that open when you press on the middle of the clip and release when you press the clip onto your head. Take the first extensions and clip it right underneath where you have created a part in your hair. Then release the original part and create a new part in your hair above the last one. Place another hair extension and keep doing this process up the back of your head until the large hair extensions are gone. Put the little extensions in on the side of your head, above the ears.

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