How To: Dye your hair scene colors

Dye your hair scene colors

This is a demo of showing how to dye your hair colorful. This is what you will need! I use Turquoise hair conditioning dye. Next you need is a hair dying brush with a container which we can use to paste the hair dye. Then, you also need a hair brush. Then, you need a dark or old towel which can be wrapped around your shoulder and breasts so that dye will not fall on your skin and stain it. Then, you need a hair clip to keep the towel in place. Simply wet your hair. To apply the dye, part your hair in two sections. Put gloves on your hands. Then apply the dye throughout the hair as like painting. Repeat the same process all over the head. Keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it out then with shampoo. Then dry the towel.

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