How To: Dye your hair and touch up your roots at home

Dye your hair and touch up your roots at home

Getting your hair done and dyed at the salon feels luxurious and is as much a rejuvenating, spa-like experience as it is a practical coloring session. But with the economy as it is and hair color appointments costing upwards of $100 average, it's quite a costly expense.

You can actually dye your hair easily at home with a few tips and tricks. Check out this video to learn how to dye hair and touch up roots for those with virgin hair.

Hair is your most important accessory. It frames your face and tells a story about who you are. Not only is the shape of your hair important, but the color as well.

Tinting Brush: Sally's Beauty Supplies
Revlon Hair Color #04: Wal-Mart
Gloves: CVS

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