How To: Braid a fishtail braid

Braid a fishtail braid

In this Beauty & Style video tutorial you will learn how to braid a fishtail braid. Dampen your hair and apply some styling putty to help the hair stick together. To start, cut a 'V' from the crown of your head, split the strand in to two and cross them over once. The strand on the right side is at the bottom. Put this strand on top of the right index finger and then place the other strand below the finger. Now grab another strand of hair from your hairline with the left hand and put it on top of the index finger where you put the first strand. Now switch hands and reverse the two strands. So, the lower strand goes over the left index finger and the top strand goes below. You are not doing any twisting, just switching the positions of the strands. Continue this way till you gather all the loose hair. You can then watch the video to see how to finish off the braid.

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