How To: Do a fishtail braid hair style on your own hair

Do a fishtail braid hair style on your own hair

In this episode of YouTips4U, learn how to do a new style to your hair following the steps outlined here. A fishtail is a variation of a traditional braid and works well for people with thick hair. You will need two hair ties and a ribbon (which is optional). In the first step, bring your hair to one side of your head and tie the ponytail to secure it. Divide pony tail in two equal sections. In the first section take a 1/2-inch to an inch piece and fold it over to the left so that it is in the middle of the two sections. Then take a smaller section of the left hand section and cross it to the right. Then, repeat the step on the other side and continue alternating sides. When you are done with the braid, secure it with another hair tie and then add a ribbon if you want. Follow the steps in this beauty and style video to learn how to create a fishtail braid for your hair.

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