How To: Sew-in a Weave Yourself

Sew-in a Weave Yourself

How to Sew-in a Weave Yourself

Getting a weave is like getting the hair your never had but always wanted. Weaves can be rather expensive to sew in, this is why we have this seven part how-to video sequence. These hair styling how-to videos will show you how to sew in your own weave step by step. The first video discusses the preparation for the weave itself. Learn to clean and prep your scalp for the sewing. The second and third videos talk about laying down your tracks or weave with a few tips and tricks. If you want to learn more about color insertion and filling the crown, watch the fourth and fifth videos. Add the final touches to your weave by closing it properly. Give your weave a trim and style it however you want.

(1) Part 1 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself, (2) Part 2 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself, (3) Part 3 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself, (4) Part 4 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself, (5) Part 5 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself, (6) Part 6 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself, (7) Part 7 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself, (8) Part 8 of 8 - How to Sew in weave yourself


ur hair is cute...i do my own sew in's but i have the biggest problem cuttin it or puttin it in a stlye

I love your hair and I am so tired of paying someone $250 just to get my hair sewed in but you just showed me that I can do it myself. I completed hair scholl so I already had an idea of how to do it, but thanks to you showing me a much simplier way to do my own sew in.

You did a very good job! I'm a hairstylist, but I'm just looking up different people's techniques of weaves. The lighting at the end for the closure wasn't great, but overall, you were very entertaining. Your personality shined, the pups were cute, and you made me laugh messing with them also. Thanks!

The hair net is a great idea...have you ever thought about using a weave cap? It's netted, cut, and ready to be put in. Just sew it onto your braids and cut the excess off. It could save alot of time.

This was am excellent video the best I have seen. I like the fact that you did not act professional but just be yourself. I still do not have the closing part down pack but you said not to ask how. I will review those parts again. Good Job.

best video!! thank you for showing me thiiiiis because lord knows i hate other people i my hair!!! i never thought of using the net before!

oh and you have a great personality!!! :-)

I really appreciate you putting this out here. Next time can you maybe use a lamp for extra lighting. I had a hard time seeing the closing. A lamp with an adjustable neck could be focused on that spot and we could see it better. Great job, & thanks again.

All I can say is after watching your tutorial I am a weaving fool. People can't believe I have done it myself and it looks good, especially on the first try and the second weave looks even better and took me less time. Hey, anybody need a weave I can hook you up....Lol!!! Only thing I can say negative is you talk a lot, but it's cool you do have a great personality. Thank you again. I will never have a bad hair day again...

I'm in west london. can you do my weave?

Amazing! I love how you took your time to show step by step EXACTLY what youre doing! I am currently finishing my FIRST sew in thru instructions from your tutorial! Thankkkks sooo much for making the series!

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