How To: Make a big poofy oversized hairbow out of a t-shirt

Make a big poofy oversized hairbow out of a t-shirt

This is a video produced by KazzieHeart on Youtube explaining how to make a puffy hairbow from a t-shirt. Choose a t-shirt and cut two equal-sized rectangles approximately 8"X4". Placing the two pieces facing inward, three sides are sewn together. It is then turned right side out and evenly stuffed with soft stuffing. The end of the remaining side is folded inward and sewn shut, forming a small pillow. A smaller rectangle approximately 5"X2" is cut from the same fabric. The pillow is sewn through the middle and the thread wrapped around the middle and tied. Then the smaller rectangle is folded lengthwise and wrapped around the larger stuffed rectangle and the ends sewn together. This completes the bow which can then be attached to a hair pin or sewn onto a dress or other decorative use.

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