Review: MUK Style Stick 230 - Infrared Styling Iron

MUK Style Stick 230 - Infrared Styling Iron

Hey dolls! I love my new infrared hair straightening iron by MUK. I thought it was a gimmick but really, the technology makes sense. I love that you can adjust the temperature unlike GHD straighteners. So if you if have fine hair you can turn it down and if you have thick crazy hair like me you can turn the bad boy up!

The infrared strip infuses hair with a gentle heat from the inside of the shaft first and then the outside, meaning less damage and healthier looking hair and no static frizz! I love the black finish. It looks so edgy, expensive and stylish. Definitely my favourite straightening iron!

I purchased the straightener from PETRA hair supplies in Melbourne, Australia and you can pick it up at most beauty supplies worldwide.

If you have any questions feel free to post a comment and I will get back to you.

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I purchased The muk Style Stick 230-IR cost me $199, it lasted 2 weeks, and just will not turn on now, I have NO faith in this brand name or the company hairhouse warehouse where I got it from, I'm having trouble getting my money back, not impressed at all, I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ANY HAIRHOUSE WAREHOUSE AGAIN OR BUY MUK PRODUCTS!

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