How To: Wear a Deep Side Part (3 Different Ways)

Wear a Deep Side Part (3 Different Ways)

The deep side part is a classic technique and in this video we'll show you three different ways to quickly and easily style it for beautiful looks.

Step 1 Find and Set Your Side Part

Use the arch of your eyebrow at the point for your part.

Step 2 Comb from the Part

Comb your hair to the side starting from the part

Look 1: Modern Veronica Lake Waves

  1. Roll hair with curlers 3/4 of the way down your hair and roll away from your face. Wrap the end around the curler and roll up to ensure all layers stay on the roller.
  2. Take out curlers once hair is cool to the touch.
  3. Set with hairspray.

Look 2: Braid

Feel free to get fancy and use any braiding technique you want such as a French braid, fishtail, or traditional braid. 

  1. Pull some hair from the sides to help incorporate the bangs and braid on a diagonal.
  2. Secure with a bobby pin behind your ear. Pull the hair down around the braid to hide the pin.

Look 3: Braid & Bun

  1. Use the same braid as in Look 2 and then put hair in a side ponytail.
  2. Use an elastic the same color as your hair.
  3. Make a bun by wrapping hair around itself in a circular motion. Loose and messy is fine.
  4. Secure with bobby or spin pins.

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