How To: Wear a Bumpit in your hair

Wear a Bumpit in your hair

Curious about the Bumpit? Is it worth the money? How hard is it to style in your hair? Do you need a hair piece? In this tutorial, learn how to use the leave-in hair insert and how to style your hair while having your Bumpit in! A review of the product is given as well, answering the questions: Is it really "that easy"? How does it stay in your hair? Does it look unnatural and create a weird shape to your head? Is it difficut to remove? And would this work on someone with thin hair?

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great video, really thorough and since I have the bumpits, gave me tips on how to place the bumpit considering the level of teasing involved. Once I tease my hair I almost have to dip my hair in a vat of conditioner just to get the tease out gently. My hair is naturally wavy/curly so it's a challenge.

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