How To: Use hair rollers properly to curl your hair

Use hair rollers properly to curl your hair

The hairdresser in the video explains how to use hair rollers properly. He tells about two types of rollers, velcro, and heated rollers. Velcro rollers are advised for dry hair, because if you put them in wet hair, and let them dry you wont be able to get them out. The man in the video explains when applying velcro rollers, the section of hair should not be bigger than the roller itself, in length, and width. He tells you of a trick of his, to put your thumb inside the roller, as you roll the hair down, as it is easier for him. He explains heat rollers, and how they tend to get the hair much curlier. He demonstrates the heat rollers the same, by sectioning a piece of hair, he winds the hair around, in the same fashion as the velcro rollers, then he inserts a metal pin to keep the roller in place. He has the model in a full head of rollers, and is time to start taking the rollers out. He explains how you take them out by starting with the first roller you inserted, and ending with the last one you placed. He advises you to take the pins out of the heated rollers, and to unwind the hair from the roller, not to just pull the roller out. He then adds a bit of hair serum, to add shine, and applies hairspray to finish the style.

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