How To: Use a clipless curling iron to curl hair

Use a clipless curling iron to curl hair

So you're probably wondering what the hell a clipless curling iron is, given that approximately 99.99% of the curling irons out there come equipped with a handy clip that helps keep hair in place when you're making a curl. But there is a clipless species of curling iron out there, dangerous and difficult to use for many but a masterful tool if you weild it with skill.

To learn how to use a clipless curling iron to produce voluminous, bouncy curls, just watch this hairstyling tutorial. After using the curling iron a couple of times, you may find your biceps and triceps building up, a nice little perk of having to use both hands to curl your hair.

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where is the coupon code and info and the curling iron?

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