How To: Tease your hair

Tease your hair

Get that extra oomph in your hair by teasing it! Teasing your hair will allow you to poof it up a little bit for styling purposes.

Teasing, backcombing, or ratting: however you say it, big hair is back in a big way. Learn how you can pump up the volume.

Step 1: Straighten hair

Straighten your hair by blow-drying and flat ironing wavy or curly locks.

Step 2: Brush hair

Brush your hair to remove all tangles. Don't try to style hair that isn't completely de-tangled.

TIP: Teasing hair with texture may tangle or damage it. Wait until hair is completely cool.

Step 3: Create volume at the crown

Using the comb, divide the hair into two-inch sections at the crown and clip the rest back out of the way. If hair is too silky, spritz a little hairspray on the sections to be teased.

Step 4: Hold hair straight up and backcomb

Hold the section straight up in the air with one hand. With the other, comb downward near the roots in short strokes. Repeat in a section just below this one for added oomph.

TIP: If you're worried about damage, a flat-backed brush is easier on hair than a comb.

Step 5: Smooth and spray

Smooth teased sections lightly with the brush and use hairspray to keep your style in place.

Step 6: Have fun styling

Have fun shaping your new do in a variety of styles. You can curl it for a vixenish look or put it in a low ponytail for a casual chic vibe.

Did you know? In the musical Grease, the character of Sandy sings, "I won't rat my hair" to imply that she's a goody-two-shoes.

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