How To: Style your hair like Zac Efron

Style your hair like Zac Efron

This how to video shows you how to style your hair like Zac Efron with American Crew molding clay. You will need the clay mentioned and a brush. First, comb your hair so that you have side swept bangs. Use a straightening iron on your hair if it is very curly and textured. Next, take some clay and rub it in your palms. From here, rub your hands through the back of your head to the front. Remember to work from the top of the crown to the front. Use the come to make any adjustments. Take more clay in your palms for more adjustments as well. You may need to straighten the hair in the back of your head as well. Run your finger tips with the product through the tips of your bangs to finish the hairstyle. You now have hair like Zac Efron.

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