How To: Style wavy short hair

Style wavy short hair

Cocorais shows you how to style your short hair into a crimped wavy look with a step by step example doing her own hair. You'll need a heat-protecting spray, a curl-boosting spray, a rat-tail comb, some sectioning clips, hair wax, and a flat iron. Apply heat-protecting spray and then (a lot of) curl-boosting spray. Pin up your hair so you can work with really thin sections of hair. Take one section, and pulling it straight, take your flat iron and move the flat iron back and forth. Iron layer by layer (thin, move upwards), section by section. After you're done with the back/ bottom layer, section hair off from the middle and iron that layer. Repeat with all layers. Keep the iron horizontal while you're switching directions/ waving your hair outward and inward so it won't flip out when you're done. Afterwards, take a little hair wax and run it through your hair to separate the waves. Scrunch it a little, and follow up with hairspray if needed. Even though it takes time and some effort, Cocorais believes this is a cute look for girls with short hair!

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