How To: Style & Put Your Hair in a Bandana Retro Pin-Up Style

Style & Put Your Hair in a Bandana Retro Pin-Up Style

In order to create a pin-up Rosy the Riveter look with a bandana, you will need the following: hairspray, bobby pins, round brush, wax or smoothing cream, a bandana, and a curling iron. Once you've got all of that, follow along with Kandee Johnson's video guide below.

Comb your hair forward. Curl the top of your hair. Tease the hair a bit with a round bristle brush. Use a little smoothing cream. Pin your bangs, after the top has been plumped up as much as you'd like. Then, pin up the rest of your hair in the back.

Fold the bandana in half, at angle. Pull the sides of the triangle up and tie a knot on top of your head. Incorporate the tail of the triangle into your know. Anchor it with bobby pins. Tuck the corners in. If necessary, use bobby pins. Lastly, apply your hairspray.

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I am so interested in sporting this do and helping others - never before had I the desire to go into hairstyling, but now I do and want to do it justice

I love this post- you have a great tv show personality...are you an actress? I could see you being a good host for tv shows/?? i'm a director/producer...june

your great! i am not the type to leave comments EVER!!! but i love your personality and charm please keep posting the videos... Thank You...--Arizona love

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